UX is for Losers - April 2021

Federico Pizzutto - UX Expert

Avy Raizada - Experience Advisory Lead

Avy and Federico spoke about what it takes to be a UX Designer - what things to look for, why it isn't as easy as it may seem, and how this role is crucial in modern companies.

Bruno shoot 2018 2.jpg

VR/AR - Digitalization of Today and Tomorrow - March 2021

Matthieu Bracchetti - Virtual Rangers

Bruno Zamborlin - Hypersurfaces

Matt and Bruno delved into the virtual and augmented reality: How it works, what it's being used for, and how it is changing our lives before we know it.


Cybersecurity Edition - December 2020

Alexandre Dulaunoy - Security Researcher

Viktor Ferter - IT Security Specialist

Alexandre and Viktor spoke about different topics in IT Security, with the former solving coordinated vulnerability disclosures and the latter giving us an intro to binary fuzzing

2020-10-28 First Tech Talk-1.jpg

PHP Edition - October 2020

Alexander Lisachenko - Software Architect

Bastian Hofmann - Field Engineer

Bastian and Alex spoke to an online audience about facing OOP Boundaries and employing Kubernetes

2020-03-09-Meetup Codeception-8.jpg

Codeception meetup - March 2020

Michael Bodnarchuk, Codeception creator

We had the pleasure to host 'Embrace the world of automated testing with Codeception' meetup in March 2020


JS Meetup - December 2019

Viktor Vincze, Front-end Software Architect at Docler

Viktor gave a conference on Making sense of a 300MB npm package as your dev env in 45 minutes.


Women Tech - November 2019

Anisa Krasniqi, Senior Software Engineer

We hosted Women Tech in partnership with coding girls in November 2019. 


Women Tech - November 2019

Vasilika Klimova, Business & Technical Consultant at Avaloq

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